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     Are you tired of paying a subscription fee or $1 to $3 for every RINGTONE you put on your phone? 

     Wouldn't you LOVE to put any song or sound effect on your phone for FREE?

           If you look around the internet, you will find there are dozens of companies claiming to give you FREE or "complimentary" RINGTONES.

    The fact is,  those so called "deals" are just tricks to get you to subscribe to their service, get your email address, your cell phone number, or other personal information. 

You always end up paying in the end!

      Not any more! Now you can take any song and put in your phone to use as a RINGTONE  for FREE

    You will be able to do it without being tricked by some internet gimmick.

     FINALLY there is a easy way to put almost ANY song or sound effect you can find into your phone as a RINGTONE  for FREE!!!

***Get a song off the internet and put it right in your phone.

***Take a song off your favorite CD and put it right in your phone.

***Hear a song on your IPOD and put it right in your phone.

     You will NEVER have to pay any subscription fees or per song costs. 

    You will NOT have to sign up for any service.

    You will NOT have to give your cell phone number to anyone.

    Wouldn't you like to put  your favorite new song right  into your cell phone to hear every time you get a call or text message?

    Wouldn't you like to change your RINGTONE  when ever you want or use a different song or sound effect for everyone who calls you? 

You will be the envy of all your friends.


   Wouldn't you like to learn how to get all those great photos (and videos) you took with your cell phone out of your phone and into your computer in a just minute or 2 without paying your cell phone company a picture or message charge? 

   Wouldn't you like to learn how to save your entire cell phone contact information to your computer so that if your phone dies, gets lost, or stolen, you can instantly reload your important names and numbers into your new phone?

     Here's what you will learn:

*  How to find and then use almost any song (new or old) (or sound effect) you want as a ringtone on your phone without paying any per song or subscription fee.

*  How to record any song right off your IPOD and then use that song as a ringtone.

*  How to shorten a song to any length or use any part of the song as a ringtone. This means you can put more songs in your phone to use as RINGTONES without using all its memory.

*  How to put any picture you can find on your phone to use as wall paper

* How to get all your photos (and videos) out of your phone and into your computer without spending even 1 penny.

*  How to save your phonebook, songs, photos, schedule, almost anything stored in your phone right on your computer so you'll have a back up in case your phone dies, gets lost, or is stolen. (this alone can save you many HOURS of reloading names / numbers and tunes every time you have to change phones.) (or paying your provider to do it for you.)

Remember this works with almost ANY phone and ANY carrier. 

* Once you are using this, all your friends will want you to show them how to do it too. You many become the local RINGTONE and cell phone photo and video GURU!   

     This could save you HUNDREDS of dollars a year and give you a fun way to generate extra CASH by helping your friends do it too!

PLUS as an EXTRA BONUS . . You will learn exactly how to get a cell phone to use when you really need it without paying 1 dime. No monthly charges, no per minute charges, no prepay cost. NO COST EVER PERIOD !!!  This could save you $$$$$ every month. This is great for parents who want their kids to have a cell phone, but can't afford another big monthly cell phone bill.

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     Just for looking at this page, I would like to send you a free gift. It is software (I promise no spyware or adware attached) that will allow you to edit your songs. You can shorten a song. Take out the parts you don't like and repeat parts you DO like multiple times. If you decide to purchase "Free Ringtones" you can take the songs modified by this program and put them your phone for free. (or burn them on to a CD)

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